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    Default Re: Craftsman air compressor switch repair

    Sears has to buy from someone, then mark it up, cross list to their own part numbers, catalogs, etc. etc. etc.
    You got that right...I needed a new timer control for a Sears whirlpool washer of course Sears just said it was obsolete. Could get all the parts diagrams and part numbers online but numerous inquires to Whirlpool dealers and online part houses weren't any help either. Finally out of frustration I took the timer out found a series of numbers on the part that werent sears/whirlpool searched them online eventually it brought me to the actual manufacturer who still had plenty of that part# in inventory. $ 60 bucks delivered to my door and I was back in business.

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    Default Re: Craftsman air compressor switch repair

    I have a smallish Dewalt compressor I use for nail guns... the pressure switch for it died, after not much use. When I replaced it with a OEM switch purchased online ($15?) I noticed that moisture had ruined it. When I thought about it, it was obvious: when the unit was stored vertically, so as to take up minimal floor space, the switch was on the bottom of the tank. Dah. Plus, I would store it with air in the tank, and I guess that's bad form, too. Vent and drain.

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    Default Re: Craftsman air compressor switch repair

    Great Gary!!

    Those 'brand specific' pressure switches are complete rip-offs. On most / all air compressors you can basically install any pressure switch you want, as long as the electrical and physical connection match (or can be made to match).

    If you or any other member has any problems with air compressors, let me know... I am the owner of and love to help you guys with all your air compressor problems
    For example, my pages about pressure switches: Air compressor pressure switch

    Thanks for posting! I know a lot of people DO buy those expensive 'must use this brand only' replacement parts!


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    Default Re: Craftsman air compressor switch repair

    Pawon - VERY nice of you to offer to help fellow TbN members! It's good to see members helping each other. And Gary - I'm also glad to see someone not willing to be pushed around by some greedy seller.

    We've become a throw-away world, and that will eventually become our downfall. Our bad.

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