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    Default Re: MM gate opener 350, short stroking on close?

    Soundguy - Do you have the soft start/stop function enabled? You probably do since you programmed it to stop a 1/2 second after the motor is at full load. When it was stopping in the middle of it's cycle did it slow down first or did it stop quickly? If your gate has 2 arms did both arms stop together? I'm asking because I went through something similar with my MM 502 (blue board) recently. My slave arm was stopping for no reason in mid cycle but the master arm was working fine. It didn't do it every time which I thought was odd. I took the arm apart and did 2 things. One of which fixed my problem.
    1. The rev counter (inside of the arm mounted on a small control board) on my MM 502 has to be able to "see" through a round black disk with square holes around it. I guess that's how it counts the revolutions and knows where to stop when programmed. Mine had a spider webs and debris partially blocking some holes. I cleaned the disk and the small control board with compressed air.
    2. The rev counter control board on my slave arm was crooked. I wasn't sure if it made a difference or not but it just didn't seem right that the black disk wasn't rotating smoothly with the same distance all around between the disk and board. I loosened the board and lined everything up and tightened.

    I still don't know which one of these 2 things fixed my problem. All I know is I had a short cycle problem off and on for weeks. I took the arm apart and did these 2 things. I haven't had a short cycle problem since. This happened in early October.
    Good luck!

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    Default Re: MM gate opener 350, short stroking on close?

    mine is the 1 arm.. and I do have soft stop, and I am in push to close / pull to open mode.

    and no, it did not slow / load up before shutting down, like on a stall or hittin an obstacle. it just stopped as if it hit the pre-programmed stop point. an erasure and reset has seemingly fixed it. it is working now better than it has in the last 2 weeks as it got flaky stopping now and then a few times this week. now working perfect last few days.

    i did have an old one that had the gat hit by a car and it damaged the screw and that made it laod up and stall.. but ai repalced it.

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