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    Default TC35DA glow plug timer

    I have a TC35DA and hve determined that the glow plug timer is faulty. My research found testing info that the timer can be temporarily and quickly bypassed with the harness connector removed by jumping the brown to the black wire in the harness with the ignition switch on. Bypassing too long can burn up the glow plugs but I confirmed this to be a good system check. My question involves trying a kubota part to replace this pricey timer. Prices on NGK timer S81NF are between $71 and $89. E bay parts search has a kubota NGK S81NL 12 volt timer for about $12! Tempted to try it as it has the same case and pin configuration. Has anyone else tried this? Could someone let me know how long their glow plugs stay lit with timer S81NF? (current New Holland Part #SBA385870301) Thanks, Randy

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    Default Re: TC35DA glow plug timer

    Lots of guys have run that and with really good luck. Give it a whirl!!
    The forums are a great place to find information....but also a great place to find speculation. Only you can determine the real problems with your tractor. We're here to help you find the correct way to do it.

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