I have a Ford 1620 that currently has the Turf tire package on it. I would prefer that it have Ag tires and wheels, but am running into trouble finding an affordable source for the 6 bolt 24" rear wheel discs that I would require to make the transition. If it were a manual transmission I probably wouldn't think twice about bumping up to a 26" disc and getting proportionally larger wheels for the front (MFWD) but it is a hydrostatic transmission, so I am a bit leery about causing chaos in a system that is still too much of a black box to me to be able to successfully predict an outcome for.

You can still buy them from New Holland (part # SBA336110370) but if memory serves they run about $500 each... which seems about on par for their adding an extra zero to what an *ethical* business person would sell something for.

Anyone know of an outlet that sells used, remanufactured or new rear discs down to 24" at a reasonable price?