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    Default New Holland TN Electrical Problem (TN60A)

    I have a problem with the electrics on my TN60A. The tractor starts up fine and displays all of the appropriate lights on the instrument cluster. When I turn on the lights, the lights do not come on and the instruments all go to zero - tachometer to zero, temperature to zero, fuel goes to one stop or the other (I can't remember). No fuses are blown. I have done an inspection of all of the wiring that I can and don't see any problems. This included pulling the cover with the instrument cluster and looking behind it.

    Anybody had similar problems with the New Holland TN series? My background with electrical and electronic systems suggests a ground has lifted somewhere and with the lights off ground is through the light circuits. When power is applied to the light circuits the "ground" goes up and messes everything up. I don't have a wiring diagram so, I am just taking a stab at the problem when I look around in the tractor.


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    Default Re: New Holland TN Electrical Problem (TN60A)

    Remove the chassis end of the battery ground cable. Clean the boss on the front end casting, clean the cable eye, and replace the bolt when you reinstall the cable. Clean the battery end of the cable and the negative battery post.
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