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    Default Engine has "blow by"......smokes for 20 seconds upon starting....Ring Job?

    Zen a kubota 175. two cyl 17 hp. diesel

    black smoke out of engine upon starting........Starter just went out due to oil in starter..... previous owner said it had some Blow By--
    Rings or worn cyls i guess

    How much trouble is it to do a ring job and re-bore on this? estimated cost by average type of mechanic. My local car/truck mechanic fixes my outboard motor, car, truck,etc. with no problems and he said he has worked on tractors before. (he can re-build a Ferrari engine too)

    These little tractor engines are new to me. Any one out there with previous re-build experience that could tell me if its a major problem. I am close
    to Houston and down the street from a big auto machine shop. thanks! don peak

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    Default Re: Engine has "blow by"......smokes for 20 seconds upon starting....Ring Job?

    Oil in starter caused by rings , Ferrari mechanic , black smoke and a machine shop down the road , should not be much trouble at all .

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    Black smoke is not blow-by, black smoke is an over fuel condition not unusual at start-up. Twenty seconds does seem a little long though, possibly some leaky injectors. Bluish smoke is what you will usually see with blow-by. As far as oil in the starter I would say the most common cause of this is a bad oil pressure switch which is usually right above the starter. The switch leaks and drips oil on top of the starter and the oil seeps in. A really bad rear main seal or front transmission seal can do this too.


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    Default Re: Engine has "blow by"......smokes for 20 seconds upon starting....Ring Job?

    i'd agree on the oily starter.

    ditto on black smoke at startup.

    a few seconds is 100% normal. a lil mor eon a cold NA diesel , as long as it starts easy, takes fuel fine, and clears up after them 20 seconds.. I wouldn't worry at all.

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