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    Default New Holland TC35DA instrument panel (cowling) shaking

    Hey All,

    I have a NH TC35DA and the plastic cowling where the instrument panel is located has started shaking quite a bit lately. I have it at a dealer at the moment and they told me it was broke and it would cost almost $600 for a new one. How or what could be broke? This tractor is very well taken care of and only has 300 hours on it. I told them I could live with the shaking for that price. Has anyone else had this happen to their NH? When I pick it up on Saturday, I'm going to have them show me where the problem is. I'm thinking I might be able to either weld the plastic back together (yes, weld plastic. I have a plastic welder and it works) or possibly rivet it between two metal plates. All suggestions are welcome. Thanks!!!

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    Default Re: New Holland TC35DA instrument panel (cowling) shaking

    On some of the tractors, there are bolts that come up from the bottom of that panel and fasten it to brackets by the steering colum. I would look to make sure that those bolts are there and that the bracket isn't broken.
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