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    Hello, I am new to your site and hope someone out there might help. My 1997 John Deere 6200 (2000 hrs.) will not always move when put into gear. Some days I have no problems, but here lately it will not move when placed in any gear. I can shift thru the gear ranges when tractor is running and no grinding occurs. It has a syncro transmission. Is there some type of switch or valve that is malfuntioning? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    The easy things to check/do are the hydraulic fuild level & condition. If it's dirty, milky change it and filters. Check for a burnt small too. If low top it off to correct level. Next thing could be a plugged filter.
    There is an enagagemant overide valve and a clutch valve. Clutch pedal is also adjustable.
    With only 2000 hours I doubt the clutch is bad unless it has really been abused. Or your hydraulic pump.
    There are test ports near the hydraulic filter for checking pressures. If you have a guage and proper fittings to check. System pressure (for engaagement) is adjustable with shims. But I doubt this is the problem.
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