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    I've been lurking here for longer than I've been a member, and I've observed that problems reported with the various brands seem to run in cycles.

    When I first found this great forum there was a lot of discussion of NH problems, battery overcharge and corrosion problems, loader pressure problems, ignition switch and fuse problems, etc.

    Right after the NH problems settled down there was a rash of JD related problems with electrical troubles, PTO's stopping, dipper cylinder issues, etc.

    Those problems seemed to trickle down then the kubota stuff started picking up - problems with steering, the current big dipper cylinder thread, etc.

    One thing I am learning - all brands of tractors have their share of troubles and it is not hyperbole to state that these machines are amazing and all manufacturers generally do a good job taking care of their customers.

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    As the owner of a Class III Boomer, I must say that the technology and engineering that goes into these 'toys' is quite impressive. Sure there are issues, but my DVD player crapped out, and my washing machine had a severe problem on its first use. Stuff happens !!! Sometimes it seems that it always happens to your tractor, or car or whatever, but one thing is for sure....we are way ahead of the curve in terms of what we have available for relatively short money.

    As for the cyclic nature of the problems, I think that's more related to someone placing a strong post at just the right time. A few folks jump in and stir things up and everybody gets involved. Some posts go on and on and seem to get a life of their own. Look at 'No Joy Joystick'..which reminds me, I need to toss in a reply to that one...its sliding down the list...get back up there !!! [img]/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]

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