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Upon further investigation today, I think it's operator error. On a cold start this morning of about 40 degrees F, the engine fired right up with full choke. About an hour later I tried to start the engine again with full choke and had to crank it about 10 seconds before I got enough fire to keep it running. In short, I think I'm flooding the carb. Next time, if the engine isn't completely cold I'm going to use less or no choke.

What position do you suggest the throttle is set at on start up, cold and warm? I'm just learning about this mower and I'm pretty sure it's my problem, not the engine now.
I think all of the engines have a "sweet" spot but for me for a cold start I use 1/2 throttle and 1/2 or a little more choke. I don't like for my engine to "cold" start at full throttle as there is little to no oil on the top of the engine at cold start. For a warm engine, I don't need the choke and very little to maybe 1/4 throttle. That works for me but you will just have to experiment until you find the "sweet" spot for your engine.