HI, Thanks in advance to anyone who helps me out here.

I am trying to help a friend fix her Baltic tiller. It's a hoss, one of their biggest, six or even seven feet wide, weighs in close to 900 lbs.

The drive gear is broken off right at the face of the driving attachment faceplate.(where it comes out of the tiller, in other words.)

I want to replace the drive shaft, which I see in the Baltic manual has a bevel gear at the driving end with curved teeth.

I assume that part is available but likely very expensive.

Question: I read elsewhere in this forum a posting which seems to indicate that I can punch that drive out of the tiller gear box. Is this right?

The exploded drawing in the manual indicates that there are at least two taper bearings, several washers and stuff in that gear box.

Will I be able to punch that drive gear out or will I have to disasemble the entire driving attachment housing?