We have a NH TC40D with a FEL and BH.

Using it today I found a new problem ... I was trying to dig out a stump and when I positioned the tractor I discovered that the FEL will no longer lift the front off the ground. Even using the "tilt", it would not lift the front off the ground - it used to.

Also, when I had to drive out into the field quite a distance, I used Range II like I usually do. When I started, I was in "turtle", then I hit the button for "rabbit" and the machine bogged and almost died.

Later, we had a hose break and, when we brought the tractor over to take the hose off, we checked the hydro fluid dipstick. It did not show - the tractor was running.

Should we check the fluid with the tractor running or off? Also, would low fluid cause these other problems?