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    Default Two Stage Clutch Problem?

    I have a 1981 Ford 540A that I recently purchased. I believe it has a two stage clutch. When the PTO is engaged and I need to shift, I have to press the clutch all the way down to shift which also disengages the PTO. This tractor has been sitting for at least 8 years. Is this a problem? Does this tractor even have a two stage clutch? Also could I cause further problems using the tractor like this?

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    Default Re: Two Stage Clutch Problem?

    Pushing the pedal of a 2-stage clutch won't really hurt anything. However, it also depends on the implement being used. A mower or rotary cutter would lose a some RPM, but as long as you shift fairly fast, that won't really hurt anything (I had to do it with an old Deere 670). Something like a tiller may be a different story though. I don't have a tiller, but I would raise the tiller out of the ground during any shifting.

    Hopefully, some othe Ford owners can provide better info then I did.
    Here is a link to some more info, but it doesn't adress the 2-stage clutch specifically: Ford 540A tractor information
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