Perhaps someone can provide some troubleshooting guidance. Last year when starting my Cub Cadet, the starter went and the tractor would not start. At the time the starter went I could tell it was indeed the starter due to the smell eminating from the starter. After replacing the unit - no problems.

Today, one year later, I went to start the tractor and it started right up; but I noticed it ran a little rough at first; and after coming to a slow idle I finally shut it down. After stopping everything seems to have shut down. No headlights, dash, etc...

The one thing that occurred is that the clutch wires were detached. This occurred previously after not putting the clutch protector, so I put in connectors to easily attach and detach. However, after reconnecting the clutch wires, there was no change.

Is there something simple I may be missing here? Can disengaging the PTO clutch trigger a fault to something else?

Also, does anyone know of any elec diagnostics for the Cub Cadets? Meaning can I use a basic V/A meter to check things.

Thanks to anyone that may have some ideas here.