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    Default MF1240 HARD STARTING

    i have been having a hard starting issue with my MF1240.
    The tractor requires using the glow plugs to start even when warm.
    When cold. the tractor requires 3 or more attempts to start and each time requiring the glow plugs.
    The cold start produces white smoke and then the engine stops almost like it is fuel starved (fuel filter good).
    Someone had suggested new glow plugs as a solution to hard starts? Any thoughts?
    Is replacing glow plugs on a 3 cyclinder tractor costly?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: MF1240 HARD STARTING

    If you tractor will not start without glow plugs when it's warm, then glow plugs are not the problem. Most likely it's either compression or fuel delivery related.

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