Not too educated on the case machines. I was wondering if anyone on the site could tell me if the 207ci engine in the 580d backhoes can be replaced with the cummins motor the came in the next model cases. By that, I mean will the cummins bolt up without adapters or modifications.
I am considering the swap because the 207 we have now is underpowered and has one cylinder that is only making about 250psi. The other three cylinders are all above 350psi. Maybe someone could tell me if in their exsperience could I just replace the piston ring on the weak cylinder as long as there are not any bad scratches on the walls. Also would like to know if the piston ring swap can be done without removing the crankshaft. Is it possible to disconnect the conecting rod, rotate the crank and slide the piston out to recieve new rings and then be reinstalled?
Thanks for reading and thanks for any and all feed back.