Bit of a puzzle.

MY L130 will fire up and run great. Until I engage the blades.

At that point it may run for 5 to 10 minutes, or it may almost immediately shut down.

I presume it's a bad switch, but am not sure which one would be the culprit.


1. The RIO switch doesn't seem to work at all, so I am going to use a simple jumper to bypass it.

2. I haven't tested the seat switch, and I wouldn't mind bypassing it, but I would need to know which wires to jumper (there are three to the switch - One black with a black jumper to the ext position, and then two black with white stripe).

3. I don't suspect the PTO switch, or the PTO itself, as the blades will engage, and will run for at least a short time (it varies).

Any other switches that could be at fault? I'd rather not take it to the dealer and pay through the nose to get a 10 year old mower repaired...

Thanks in advance....