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    Default NH TT60 Fuel Problem

    Can anyone tell me where the allen head drain plug is located on the fuel tank. I think I have trash in the tank, but I can't locate this thing to drain it. I figured it might be around the sump area, but unless I'm overlooking it, I can't find it. Thanks.

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    Default Re: NH TT60 Fuel Problem

    The parts book doesn't show a plug of any type, only the outlet fitting. I don't think you could access a drain plug without removing the tank. If you are having fuel supply problems have you been through the inlet banjo bolt and fitting/ primer pump suction screen? My experience with TT series plastic tanks has been fragments of tank material caught in the fitting and the screen in the supply pump to be very common untill all the machinework debris is finally flushed from the tank.

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    Default Re: NH TT60 Fuel Problem

    I called my dealer and the shop guy told me about the allen head plug, but I can't find anything like it, so maybe that's why, its not there. Harry, I haven't tried that but will.....I keep changing fuel filters, works for a while, but can't keep doing that either.

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