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    Default JD STX38 leaking gas from governor shaft

    I have a JD STX 38 that is running like it wants to stall. It has a real gassy mess and have determined there is a gas (not oil) leak from the governor shaft that comes out the side of the engine. When used last summer, it would stall out when the gas tank got down to 1/2 tank, and then had to refill.

    All posts I had read say that it is oil that leaks from the governor shaft, but mine is gas..very strong smell. And over the winter, gas tank went dry.

    It was at the dealership 2-3 times last summer for similar carb issues, a rebuild kit installed, then taken back to recheck the float and then back a third time to be told there is nothing wrong with it. And of course having to pay $$$ for a mower that still does not run.

    How to fix?

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    Default Re: JD STX38 leaking gas from governor shaft

    Is the crankcase full of gas oil mixture? If yes then the carb inlet needle and seat are not sealing properly. When rebuilding the carb was both the float needle and SEAT changed or just the needle? Some carburetors do not allow changing the seat so you either have to replace the carb or try and carefully polish the seat with out making the sealing diameter to large.

    Tank going empty over the winter is a good indication that you the problem stated above. Also if the crankcase is full of gas oil mix you can damage your bearings, blow out seals or worst case, gas vapors explode inside the crank case.
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