I am the new proud owner of a 2002 JD skid steer 240. I have had it a month and have been able to get about 2 hours on it; most of it in one place. First, when I went to get it, the battery seemed dead, starter would just click. They did something and got it going and when I got it home it cranked right up and I operated a while, then all of a sudden it went back to the same senerio. After many hours of frustration, I learned that the battery cable, which looked perfect, was bad. It serves as some kind of fuse so the manual says (never heard of that). Well, when I replaced the cable she cranked right up, the bucket and lift worked fine, but I could not move the thing. It is a parking brake thing I guess, but I do not know where to go to trouble shoot that. I monkeyed around under the cab and now I can稚 even get the bucket to work. I am hearing these horror stories and am wondering what will happen when I call the $105 an hour JD dealer to the scene. I have ordered the $150 DVD service manual, but this thing is over my head and everyone I have talked to so far. This thing is in good shape otherwise, 920 hrs, runs fine, no apparent abuse, but I cannot even get it to the shop since it will not move. Does anybody know of anyone in the NW Atlanta area who could get this thing going without me having to mortgage my firstborn. I feel like somebody who knew what they were doing, could probably fix it in about 30 minutes. Please provide counsel if you can.