Hello guys I have been searching around your forums for days and using google trying to dig up the culprit as to why this dang tractor will only stay running when you hold the key in the start position. I have been tracing wires all over this tractor and reading the schematics out of the service manual and nothing really seems to be wrong! I replaced the diodes and it still didn't help, I swapped the relays and troubleshot them and the relays are in tip-top shape. All the safety switches are working because it wouldn't crank at all if they were not. The only thing I can do to keep the tractor running is jump a hot-wire off the back of the key switch onto the post that powers up the glow plug circuit and then she'll stay running no problem...I can explain the switch real quick...It is a 5 post switch that goes into a 4 post plug coming out of the harness.

The harness plug wires are :
Red "Constant"
Yellow "Glow Plug"
Red/White "Accesory"
Black/White "Starter"

With the key in the on position I read fire off the red wire and the red and white wire, and according to the service manual that is correct, when I bump the key over to start I read fire off of everything. Which again is correct according to the service manual. But what has got me stumped is that in the service manual it says in order for me to check the Stop solenoid I need to ground the body of it and apply positive voltage to each of the two posts on the back...it then states that one of the posts will retract the shaft into the solenoid body and the other post when voltage is applied to it will lock the shaft into the solenoid enabling the fuel to flow to the motor. So today I hooked my test light up again and had it connected to ground then had my 3 year old little man crank it for me and I had taken the plug off the stop solenoid and checked both the posts and with no power connector on the solenoid it is putting out 12v on the posts. This test light is the traditional light bulb one, so I know for sure that it is putting power "positive power" out of the solenoid on it's own. Is this correct? Then after that I thought hmmm I will check the actually plug running to the stop solenoid with the test light still connected to ground little man cranked on it again and I had no light come on...Thought to myself this isn't right by any means if the service manual is telling me to apply 12v + to these terminals this plug goes to and I am getting no fire to it all even on crank. So then I hooked the test light up to power and checked the stop solenoid plug again and viola one the posts lights up as a **** ground! So at this point I am stuck and I need help. I can't find any breaks in the harness anywhere wires may have been damaged, they are pretty dang well protected from any type of material or moving parts damaging them.