Battery discharges if I leave the battery cable connected while not using the tractor. Wiring is in bad shape. Would like to remove all wiring and replace only the ignition and charging circuit wiring. It's a 12V negative ground system with no 'external' voltage regulator. Apparently the regulator is internal to the Delco Remy alternator. If system is used as is, the voltage regulation is poor, alternator output is around 15V while running. If using the tractor for long time you must disconnect wiring from alternator or the battery will overcharge and get hot. I've purchased a factory manual but none of the circuits look like what I have. I'm not certain the wiring is connected correctly. Otherwise, I would just remove and replace one wire at at time. Once I have a good circuit, the battery discharging issue should go away. Then if the voltage regulation is still bad, I suspect the internal regulator inside the alternator is bad. Any help would be greatly appreciated.