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    Default Re: Honda RT5000 multi-purpose sub-compact tractor engine tear down

    Quote Originally Posted by DarrylH20 View Post
    At least we spell it the right way
    My mother said when they asked her at the hospital how to spell it for the birth certificate my parents realized they hadn't thought it out that far. She said it popped into her head seeing Darryl Zanuck's name on the movie credits and that was the only way she could think to spell it. Works for me!

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    Default Re: Honda RT5000 multi-purpose sub-compact tractor engine tear down

    The engine is now all back together. As always, Sanel's Machine shop in Concord (NH) did a great job with the bore job and they got it turned around quickly (I've had the block back for about 3 weeks now). The engine is now basically new. It has a new crankshaft, connecting rod, piston, and piston rings. All the shaft seals and gaskets were also replaced. Also everything has been thoroughly cleaned before reassembly and the rear flywheel/fan cowl has been cleaned and painted as it was a little ugly (surface rust). I'm taking a break right now, as it's a little toasty in the shop today, but if I could find the darn float pin, I would be able to have it running today. That said, I'll continue with this thread once the motor is bolted in and running again, but here are some more pictures from this rebuild.


    <p>After the engine is bolted in, I have the fun part of this build to do, which is an exhaust system. The stock system is no longer available, so I have to build or adapt a set-up to make it exit at the correct place. I look forward to posting pictures of that one.
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    Default Re: Honda RT5000 multi-purpose sub-compact tractor engine tear down

    Great post.
    Do you know how many hours were on the engine before the rebuild?
    These Honda engines seem to last forever.

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    Default Re: Honda RT5000 multi-purpose sub-compact tractor engine tear down

    Quote Originally Posted by Kernopelli View Post
    Those are cool little tractors. Error if you don't already have it. I have always hoped to run across one somewhere at a price I couldn't pass up, just to have one. Never read anything about the 11HP models being short on power ( even with 1100# combined F/R lift capability). How cool would it be to find one of the later 3cyl diesels w/ factory FEL and backhoe!!
    Hi I have one of these tractors all of a sudden the oil light lit up, I stopped the engine immediately and now it wont start, the lights dont come on or anything, does anyone have an idea what could have happened or supply a link to the manual the one above doesnt work.

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