The screw securing the PTO Control Lever has broken. I can still change the PTO selection manually with a wrench, but it's not a "on the move" type of change. This has happened before - I'm a large guy with a large bottom and I think I'm constantly bumping against the lever. I don't want to spend the big bucks and the time in the shop while it's being fixed by the local JD service department, and I'll probably break it again as my behind isn't getting any narrower. It doesn't look like it should be that difficult. The area where the control lever connects (where the screw has broken) is partially blocked by some of the frame. I don't really want to start wrenching on something if I don't understand what I'm doing. I have the service manual CD from John Deere, but of course I can't find any helpful information in it concerning this issue. If any one knows the procedure to fix this problem or a better place to look for more information, it would be greatly appreciated.