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    Default Brush cutter mechanical motor - bearing seal shot - help!

    Hello friends.

    I need a hand with a brush cutter. The drive motor is mechanical type driven by a shaft to the PTO. While I was on the road working, my oldest boy stepped up to help with taking care of the poroperty. Did a good job but being a kid...maintenance and paying attention to changes in how the equipment sounds/operates ...well lets just say he didn't

    Went to use the brush cutter and it started shaking like it was about to come off the 3 point hitch.

    Took it in the shop checked it out added some gear oil and watched it pour onto the shop floor. Clearly not what you want to see. So I tore it down and removed the motor from the top of the cutter. Once i got to the motor without the shaft attached i removed the lower motor housing cover.

    There is a splined shaft that is clearly geared internally to mesh with the drive gears and drive the blades underneath.
    There is what appear to be a bearing and races that also act as a seal for the gear oil.
    The bearings fell out onto the work bench. Bearing and races shot.

    Looking at it there does not appeatr to be an easy way to reove the old bearing raceand I cannot figure out how to take to upper motor apart and get inside to press it out so i can press a new one in.


    Is this a repairable item?
    If so, who would do it reasonable cost?
    better to just get a new motor somewhere?

    Any suggestions would help.

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    Default Re: Brush cutter mechanical motor - bearing seal shot - help!

    It's actually not a motor, just a gearbox....start telling folks it's a motor, and they'll get all sorts of confused

    Without pictures of where the damage is, exactly, it's hard to say. I had a damaged gearbox, and found that buying the parts to repair it would cost almost as much as buying a new gearbox. In the end, I bought a new OEM Omni RC-30, (standard 40hp gearbox) off a place that sells a lot of them on Ebay. I think I paid $165 delivered for it, and it's the original manufacturer most brush cutter companies use. It works perfectly, and I'm glad I didn't mess around trying to save a few bucks because it saved me a lot of time.

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