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    Default Cub Cadet LT1050 PTO problem

    I just purchased a Cub Cadet LT1050 with a locked up pto bearing. I replaced the pto clutch but I cant get it to work. I'm getting power to the pto switch but I cant find any power coming out of the other 8 or so wires. The seat safety switch looks to be visibly intact. Where do I need to start in running down the problem..................ktc

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    Default Re: Cub Cadet LT1050 PTO problem

    I had a problem with the PTO staying engauged on my LT1050 a few years ago. Replaced relay located under hood on right side near oil dip stick. When problem persisted, and after more investigating, I found a scrubed wire to be the cause. Look at right side of transaxle, at the bracket your foot pedal linkage is attached to...the wire there grounds out your PTO (shuts it off), when changing to reverse, if ignition switch is not in the right position. In my case, the scrubed wire was grounding me out while going forward, or preventing me from engaugement at all. Disconnected it, taped it up, left it disconnected.....problem solved.

    Had my seat and fenders off, for transmission oil change when this fix was done... Sure if you lay on the ground and look in that area with a light you will see the wire I mentioned....might be easier with deck removed.....Good luck, Bob

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