I bought the kit to install myself , have the operators , parts and tech manuals . I figured it would be a cake walk , ,,,well after draining the fluid , I cann't find the frezee plug that is pictured in the parts manual or at least not where they say it is ,,, It takes two bolts to mount the heater mount the only plug ? that may be drilled and tapped and possibly filled with green paint is behind the fuel pump ? and if thats the case their is on room to mount with out taking it off and no room after it , the block heater , installed to remount the fuel pump .
Now having proved my mechanical ablity of a duck where did I go wrong ?What I really find hard to understand is the heater block kit pictured in the parts manual shows a 3 cyclinder , the 990 is 4 .....a manual mistake ?
Bill g,
with tractor and extra parts .... [img]/forums/images/graemlins/confused.gif[/img]