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    Default Toro Z255 mower blades will not engage


    My sister has a Toro Z255 mower and advised that the mower starts and runs fine, however the blades will not engage when the engagement knob is pulled. I am going out to look at it tomorrow and was wondering if there are any good troubleshooting tops I can take with me? The mower starts, runs, and drives fine, and she indicated the fuses are all in good shape.

    Appreciate any advice in advance - Thanks

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    Default Re: Toro Z255 mower blades will not engage

    My advice is to try the cheapest and most likely problem part to fix the problem.
    There will likely be a headlight style relay (1" x 1" x1.5" with 5 male pins) that will be receiving signals from safety switches.
    It is the most likely culprit and cheap to replace. It will just unplug from the wiring harness with some effort
    In the wiring diagram from my TORO zero turn it is called a kill relay.
    Go to an automotive parts place and ask them for a universal 5 pin headlight relay. Cost will be approx $10.

    If the relay does not fix the problem, pull the connector that plugs into the clutch and check for power on the brown wire when you try and engage the blades. If there is power next check the green wire to see if it has a ground path which will be thru the kill relay.
    Let us know what you find.
    Dave M7040
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