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    Default Re: clogged grease/zerk to unplug em

    Depending on location of zerk in relation to pin it is greasing , Is their a load or pressure from the pin on the zerk while you are trying to grease ?? In other words, While greasing my 757C , I have to manipulate the boom , dipper stick and bucket to find a position the is not " Forcing " the pin up against location of zerk . Each zerk is different , Not really a " Sweet Spot " more like a Sweet area that I move each to and am able to grease away . Same goes for my 7308 loader , If I put any down pressure on loader , several zerks are " Plugged " , ( Even just resting bucket on ground stops 2 of the zerks ) , Thus it may be just a case were you need to experiment ?

    Fred H.

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    Default Re: clogged grease/zerk to unplug em

    That does make a difference with some of the zerks for sure. The problem one I have will take grease when out of the pin hole, but put it back together and it wont take but just a very small amount then I can put as much pressure on the hand pump as I can and it wont take anymore. Since it is on the stabilizer pad, not much wear on it, so I resolved to just forget it.
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    Default Re: clogged grease/zerk to unplug em

    One thing often over looked it check your grease gun head adjustment, that is why there is a knurling to the fitting. Often just a twist can make the the unit fit better on the zerk. More often then not, I just go to the bin and get a new fitting, stick dental tool in the hole of the metal and clean out the crud,squirt a degreaser or brake cleaner in there,and put the new zerk back on. Voila.

    That said, there aint no comparison between a real good grease gun and a gypo one when the chips are down.

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    Default Re: clogged grease/zerk to unplug em

    I bought one of those impact devices at the Louieville Farm show. A good one. One of the most useless tools I own and a total waste of money IMO.

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    Default Re: clogged grease/zerk to unplug em

    Quote Originally Posted by dieselbeef View Post
    some of em i can barely get the gun on much less replace it..if i do im gonna run a bit into the hole too..but putting that fitting back down in some of them spots aint gonna be easy


    try the old spark plug trick ..... slip a small diameter clear tubing over the grease end of the new fitting, leave the thread end sticking out ...
    fish the new fitting down over the tapped hole and twist the tubing to start the fitting in the hole... pull the tubing off when started and tighten with a socket on an extension.

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    Default Re: clogged grease/zerk to unplug em

    Quote Originally Posted by Industrial Toys View Post
    I bought one of those impact devices at the Louieville Farm show. A good one. One of the most useless tools I own and a total waste of money IMO.
    Agreed, these impact devices are far from 100%. I'm sure we all have at one time purchased one of these do-it-all tools or gizmos that totaly don't do as promised. LOL
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