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    Default Electrical Problems

    I'm having problems with cranking. It cranks perfectly on first attempt; on second try, glow plug light doesn't come on, temp and oil light burn dim, glow plug relay vibrates (hums) and starter will not engage. Have re-built starter, replaced neutral safety switch, ignition switch, and glow plug timer without correcting problem. When very cold the tractor will occasionally work okay. Any ideas?

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    Default Re: Electrical Problems

    Check your wires (both power and ground) between the starter, frame and battery. One of them is probably corroded which is causing the lights to dim and the relay to chatter.

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    Default Re: Electrical Problems

    yes possible a bad connection. Hit the key while it is in this dimming mode and hold it there for a while. the bad connection should warm up with heat from the resistance. possible at night in the dark you would see a spark.

    After holding the key to it a while go feel everything for heat. battery terminals, cables, solenoid possible there is
    a safety switch or two in the wiring.

    If anything is warm or hot you may could detect a bad connection in it. Cables that look fine could have corrosion in the end and be heating up on you.

    Also get the battery tested under a load. may be time for another trip to wally-world.....

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