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    Default NH TN65 Instrument Panel Not Working

    Hello! I have a '03 New Holland TN65 and the tach and hour meter stopped working. It also appears that the fuel gauge and temp gauge may not be accurate. I had it into a dealer for something unrelated (a 4wd engagement issue) and asked them to look at it. The guy did, got the hour meter going, but in reverse! I asked them about it and they said that the instrument cluster probably needs replacing ($600). I bought one online for $300 from Alma parts and installed it, but it didn't fix the problem. I looked at the hour meter cable and sure enough, it is spinning in reverse. How does one:
    1) get that hour meter cable to turn in the right direction
    2) get the temp/fuel gauge/tachometer working



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    Default Re: NH TN65 Instrument Panel Not Working

    have not a clue about your specific tractor.

    might suggest getting Shop Manual, could be refer to as service manual for your tractor, to look up color coding for wires, and make sure you have correct plugs connecting to correct things in correct direction in how the plugs connect together, to correct voltages going here and there. a parts manual or operators manual is very doubtful to give you a wiring schematic of tractor, but shop/service manual should have the wiring schematic.

    with specs and info from shop manual... you could start using a test light / multi meter, and start checking the wires / plugs / wiring harness plugs, relays, ignition switch, etc...

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    Default Re: NH TN65 Instrument Panel Not Working

    After removing the tach cable from where it goes into the engine block - I see that the gear inside there is turning clockwise. If I stick an alan wrench into the slot on the back of the instrument panel (where the tach cable goes) and turn it clockwise, the hour meter goes backwards. I've talked to many NH mechanics and they have never heard of this before and say that it is impossible for this to be the case. Does anyone have an idea of what's going on?!

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