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    Hinomoto joyful 1

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    Need to find parts manual so I can find so I can find shift forks for transmission that are worn very badly. Every
    thing was was just find until I allowed the transmission to run low of fluid. It wore the shift forks so that will no longer shift the gears. Any help would be appreciated. I can be reached at

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    First off, welcome to the forum.

    Next, you may not be able to get parts as I think that's a grey market import. Best bet is to contact the larger grey market importers. Personally, I'd weld up the worn forks and grind them back to correct shape. May last as long as a replacement or longer. Weld is pretty hard stuff.

    Bombardier MPV 20 in Canada is (from google) the same tractor.

    Lastly, determine why it was low on fluid. Fix any leaks or it will just happen again.

    Good luck.

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