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    Default Fuel pump on B2910 Kubota

    I think the fuel pump is bad on my B2910. The tractor will run,but it will run at 2800RPM then the motor will stall and the RPMs will fall way down, then back up to full RPMs. I changed the fuel filter checked for water in fuel . Everything was good. I started the tractor and was looking in the tank and noticed the return line was not pumping much fuel back to the tank. I removed the line that comes from the pump and it was pumping very little fuel, and what it was looked like it had air in it. I pluged the line off and the tractor did fine. As soon as I would unplug the line it would act up. Do you think its the fuel pump, or maybe the injector pump causing the problems, or is it sucking air someplace . I had been using this tractor all afternoon when this all at once happened. To me it acts like it is starving for fuel, and the weak stream from the return line makes me think fuel pump.Thanks for your time.

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    have you cecked the fillter.and for free flow from the tank to the filter could just be crap in line or somthing. im not real famillure with 2910 but if it has electric primary pump,check fuses and if it has good flow out. hpfuly someone with a bota will chime in, but you could start by looking at those things

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    Is the fuel filter bowl filled with fuel? No air visible?

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