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    Default kubota L4150 hydrolic problem -- Help

    I was disking with a small 3 pt. disk, all of a sudden up & down rear link lever started feeling "a little gritty" about 3/4 of the way up through all the way up. Rear links stopped going all the way down (about 1/2 way down). lift lever picks the links up all the way, but weight must be put on links to bring them back down, but only half way is all they go. I even put the weight of a front end bucket from another tractor on the links to try and push them down further but they won't go further. Have plenty fluid, pump seems to work to pick them up at all (but in the field with the plow it had stopped picking up the plow too) no lights are on.

    Hope someone can help me cause I need to use this tractor soon.


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    Default Re: kubota L4150 hydrolic problem -- Help

    Sounds like the linkage to the position control valve or the control valve is binding up.

    To see what is going on, the top cover (under the seat) needs to come off. If the linkage is sticking or bent, that will be seen only with the cover on the bench.

    If this sounds like too much, take it to your dealer.

    Good luck.

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