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    Default Fuel Starvation Problem

    Just over a week ago I had the B2400 over at the farm doing some dirt work. When I finished I filled her up out of the farm tank before bringing her home.

    A couple of days later, when I went to use it, I started having a problem. It ran as normal for the first 1/4 tank but then started wanting to "die". I noticed when it was having the problem that the fuel filter glass was almost empty, all the way down to the bottom of the filter. I took the glass off and cleaned it out and washed the filter. There was a little black gunk/flakes in the bowl. It ran OK for a little while but the same problem started again - empty fuel filter bowl - engine starting to labor and die. I thought that the fuel I had got from the farm had been bad/dirty although the tank had only been filled in December. I drained the fuel tank, put in a new fuel filter and cleaned the bowl again. I refilled the tank with fresh fuel and went about mowing the yard. Again, it ran as usual for the first 1/4 tank and then the same thing started all over again - fuel bowl empty, tractor laboring and wanting to die. Sometimes when you can catch it, if you work the fuel shut-off valve, the bowl fills up and she starts to run properly.

    So, I'd be interested in you guys opinions. Do I need to drain the tank again, blow out the lines, clean everything out and try again or is there another inline filter or something on the B2400 that I need to inspect first? Could it just be air locked?

    I'm sorry this post is so long but I though it important to give you as much information as I had. Look forward to your help and opinions ... as usual.


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    Default Re: Fuel Starvation Problem

    Maybe an air vent is plugged. Air needs to enter the tank to replace the consumed fuel.

    A simple test the next time it is starved: Take the filter bowl off, open the fuel shut-off valve, and watch fuel drain out of the filter assembly into a bucket. If it stops try loosening the fuel cap and see if it resumes.

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    Default Re: Fuel Starvation Problem

    I would look for blockages in the fuel valve body.. or a vacume on the tank.. or even large sediment on the fuel tank.

    Blowing the lines out is a great idea after any kind of trash problem.


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    Default Re: Fuel Starvation Problem

    Recently experienced the same problems with my M4900. Cleaned and replaced the fuel filter. Still had the problem. Mechanic suggested either screen in the tank or fuel line needed cleaning out. I didn't look forward to removal of the tank and would have to drain and remove the fuel line to blow it out.

    The tractor would idle OK. The M4900 fuel filter has a shut-off in the line. I shut off the fuel coming into the filter and just as the bowl was almost empty turned the line back on. After several times doing this I had "gunk" show up in the bowl. I kept doing this until I didn't get more "gunk". Seems to run OK now

    PS: My fuel storage tank now has an IN-LINE filter [img]/forums/images/graemlins/blush.gif[/img]

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