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    Default Iseki TS 2205 still won\'t start

    As many of you know I ran my Iseki TS 2205 tractor out of fuel. I bled the lines and got it running again. It ran for about 1/2 a tank of fuel. I parked it and went out the next day and it would not restart.

    We look for fuel at the top of the injectors. We had none so we think we had a small leak drawing in air. I emailed Derrick at Rainbow Distributors and he sent me a diagram on how to bled the lines. We did this. Tractor still won't start.

    Now here are my questions.

    1. We have fuel at the bled screw on the side of the injector pump but it won't pump pressure out the top.

    Could we have some trash in the pump?

    2. The tractor has 1040 hours on it. It looks in really good condition. No engine smoke. Good power. When I got it past overheating it pulls my 5' bush hog in 3' grass in 3rd low gear with no problem.

    Could my pump just of gone bad overnight? Could I have a leaking seal?

    How do you check the pump in the field? My engine is an Isuzu 2AB1. It is a 2 cylinder. Would any diesel pump mechanic know how to work on it?

    3. If I need to rebuild the injector pump can I still buy an overhaul kit for it?

    I know these are a lot of questions. But I am on a really tight budget and know a little about diesels but only know enough to get myself in trouble.

    My neighbor is a gas engine mechanic and is helping me but he is at a loss now.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Don Worrell

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    Default Re: Iseki TS 2205 still won\'t start

    I know nothing about diesel, but if you have fuel, (no bubbles), at the pump, but nothing out of the pump, you have a pump problem. I would either take the pump apart for a looksee or remove it and take to an injector shop.

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    Default Re: Iseki TS 2205 still won\'t start

    See duplicate thread here.

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