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    Default excessive blowby

    My MF135 tractor with a Perkins diesel engine is having excessive blowby...blowing out about a quart of oil in an hour through the breather tube. What is the cause & solution?

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    Default Re: excessive blowby

    Generally the soloution for that amount of blowby is an engine rebuild. Possibly another problem, however the rings are probably worn out, especially if the engine seems to be running evenly on all cylinders. Your motor oil is probably getting dirty and diluted with diesel fuel fast too. Diesel diluted oil is not good on the engine, it does not lubricate well.

    One other possibliity is that your injector pump is leaking diesel fuel into the crankcase causing you oil level to be overfull with diesel diluted oil and thereby creating blowby.

    Good luck.

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    Default Re: excessive blowby

    Worn or cracked ring(s) are usually the cause of this problem. It could also be a cracked piston. The only good solution is to rebuild the engine. Usually by the time that they get this bad, they usually won't start because of loss of compression. Have you checked to see that the right amount of engine oil is in the engine and that it isn't overfilled? Diesels require specialized tools to do a compression test. For the most part, diesels are the same as a gasoline engine on the inside. In other ways, they are totally differant.

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    Default Re: excessive blowby

    Hmmm. I've had 2 head gaskets leaks near the water channels and cause exhaust blowby into the cooling system, resulting in 'boil overs and all kinds of other nasties.

    Any chance you've got a bad head gasket with a leak near an oil channel? This would pressurize the crankcase and cause oil to come out.

    The good news is that its much cheaper to fix a head gasket than do an engine rebuild. Maybe a wet/dry compression test to check yer rings?

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