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    Working on gravel? Been there, done that, still do sometimes.

    Your best friend is one of those metallic parts trays. Lost bolts, nuts, springs, washers, etc in gravel really stinks.

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    I still do a lot of it but loosing little parts wasn't what I was worried about. I doubt that I could have moved the tractor halves apart on gravel. Floor jacks don't roll well on gravel.

    I actually considered doing it anyway but decided against it. Back in the 50's my uncle had a 49" Ford PU with a boom on the back. The boom had a hand-cranked winch on it and he could and did use it to tow cars. That truck is long gone but I rescued the boom and winch from the weeds behind his house last year. I considered mounting it to my PU and using it to split the tractor.

    I didn't.....don't know what I will eventually do with the boom and winch but I'll think of some use for it.

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