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    Hi, I am new to the Forum, so I'll make my request short and sweet. Recently a friend from church gave me a Cub Cadet 804. I know it's not new, but in my attempts to get it running I believe I am in need of a carburetor rebuild kit. I am not mechanically inclined; so I am looking for the simplest resolve to my dilemma. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I live in Fayetteville North Carolina, if someone knows someone locally that could help that would be even better. Thanks in advance,

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    Welcome to TBN. Seems no one has any ideas, but if I were you, I'd simply check with any local lawnmower repair shops to see if they can help you. You may also want to post the question in the Cub Cadet forum here on TBN under other major manufacturers as maybe some of those folks don't come into this forum. John

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    Since you think the problem is carburetion, I assume that you have checked the spark already.

    If you indeed have a strong spark, then the problem most likely is the carb. Start by pulling the feed line off and seeing that it is flowing gas from the tank to that point. If it is, you can probably take the carburetor apart and clean it without the need of a kit.

    Start by removing the carb, and blow through the fuel inlet. If you can blow through it, turn it upside down and try again. You should NOT be able to blow through it then if the float and needle and seat are working okay. (I am assuming that this carb has a float since I don't know what engine you have.)

    If it is a small engine with a diaphragm carb, you will probably need to replace the diaphragm.

    Most small engine carbs are pretty simple. If you clean all the passages and make them free, you can probably fix it.

    Good luck,

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