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    Default Ford 545C - Lost Power Steering?

    Haven't used the Ford for about 5 months.

    Start it occasionally to keep the charge up and lubricated.

    Last week had a use for it and powered up, the loader and 4-1 Bucket all worked fine.

    Went to depart and found I had absolutely no steering.

    Any thoughts on where to start trouble shooting.

    Thank you, David.

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    Default Re: Ford 545C - Lost Power Steering?

    In general, here are the places I would look:

    1. Look in reservoir for fluid.
    2. Look at pump for slipping/broken belt
    3. Look at the PS cylinder on the front axle.
    4. Drain or bleed fluid at the pump or axle cylinder.
    (Follow manufacturer's procedure if you have it in an Owner's Manual or similar reference).
    5. After bleeding, if still doesn't operate, open a fitting slightly on the lowest point of the axle cylinder and see if fluid/air pumps and escapes.

    My feeling is that if the PS worked before, all the fluid has leaked out or there is a pocket of air trapped at the pump causing cavitation. It could also be a loose/slipping belt. This is just a 1st check procedure of general ideas. One caution: If there is a chance the pump has no fluid inside, don't run it very long because it will self-distruct from having no lubrication. You might have to open the inlet line at the pump and force some fluid up in there to ensure it is not completely dry. Dry hydraulic pumps will not run long without damage. Good luck.

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    Default Re: Ford 545C - Lost Power Steering?

    P/S is a separate system from other hydraulic functions. The pump is at the left front of the engine; reservoir is integral to the pump. Gear drive is not commonly a problem. Check the oil level. It is full when oil runs out of the fill cap. If no oil OR external leakage is present, check for overful crankcase due to failed pump shaft seal. If the reservior looks OK and you can see oil circulating out of the filter as viewed through the filler with engine running, pressure and flow tests are indicated.

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