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    Default Battery Charging

    Well , -17 below, 4 glow plugs and two cranks , battery finally gave up. Put charger on for 30 min , starts on next try.
    Question is : Put the battery charger on the battery while still connected to the tractor - could that do damage to the tractor ? alternator ? or wiring if the cables are still attached ?
    Have never removed anything on my cars and trucks when they have needed charging, Is the Tractor any Different ?


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    Default Re: Battery Charging

    The only problem I know of would be if you hooked the cables to the wrong terminals, just as in your auto. Some people still believe it's best to disconnect the alternator connection before jumping, but as long as you clearly hook to the proper terminals, I see no reason you can't do it with everything connected. John

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    Default Re: Battery Charging

    NEVER ever charge a conventional lead/acid battery without first checking the water level. If it is low add distilled water before you charge the battery. If you don't and the battery is real low on water it can violently explode when you try to start the tractor.

    Don't ask me how I know that.

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