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    Default Need a 48" bush hog

    was wondering if anyone from florida knows where I could find a used 4ft bush hog.


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    Default Re: Need a 48" bush hog

    Here in Jacksonville we have a sale publlication called The Coastal Trader. Maybe you have a similar publication there that may have used hogs listed.
    Also, check with
    You may find something there as well.
    Of course, tractor dealers are a good source to find used items as well because sometimes a customer will bring them to the dealer to sell for them.
    Other than that, you may have to drive up and down the roads in the areas where people use these. I've often seen them on the side of the road.
    One thing about this subject: You may find that a good economy brand mower will not be much more expensive than a used one. Howse and king kutter both make a pretty good economy mower in that size. I have the Howse 48" and it's holding up very well under sometimes heavy use.

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