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    Default L5030dt jerking on takeoff

    L5030dt 390 hours, sat for two weeks, first guy to drive said 6th gear felt like slipping, found udt fluid 6 qts low on fluid. on takeoff especially in reverse vehicle jerks taking off and then is fine with no driveability problems, happens when going forward also. changed udt fluid and filter, on filter magnet found two corkscrew shaped metal shavings, aprox size of a tooth pick, operator found one 2 wire electrical plug on size of trans unplugged, but everything is connected now. any ideas, we serviced the trans at 200 hours also(fluid and filter), engine rpm does not drop when hesitating, fuel filter appears clean as well as air filter. any ideas???

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    Default Re: L5030dt jerking on takeoff

    6 quarts low [img]/forums/images/graemlins/shocked.gif[/img] That is a lot of oil to lose!

    Did it come out onto your clutch pressure plate? When you press the little water drain dongle under the bell housing does oil drip out?

    Sounds like it is on the clutch to me. The tranny is just gears, no clutches. Is it still under warrantee?

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    no water or oil in bellhousing, traced leak to hydraulic fitting to front loader. it's not a manual transmission, its the hydraulic one(i cant remember if called gst or hst, tractor about 35miles away), so i should have said 6th speed? lever to left of driver. any more guesses?? help me kubota shop is expensive!!!

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