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    Default Rocker Switches

    Looking for a rocker switch source? I have a blank switch opening in the overhead console of my HPX Gator. Added my own rear light and looking for a source for a rocker switch that fits the hole in the console. I have stopped at a few places and not much of a selection. Mostly toggle switches. The Deere switch for the console is listed at about $55.

    Wonder if these rocker switches have standard hole sizes or you need to measure and go from there. I saw some on the Internet and they were listed in metric mm.


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    Default Re: Rocker Switches

    Try Del City. They have many choices in switches, and have non-metric measurements. Check out the Surf-n-Turf Waterproof line.

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    Default Re: Rocker Switches

    $55 [img]/forums/images/graemlins/shocked.gif[/img]
    That is robbery.

    Take a look at
    allied electronics
    or newark electronics

    All have web pages and can often have the part to you the next day if you want to pay for the shipping. They can also do UPS ground at a lower price.

    The catch is you will need to spec the switch. They will not help you with that. Generally they have drawings with the dimensions. Since its a 12V system all you really need to do is figure out how many poles and throws you want and the current rating.
    The minimum current rating would be Total power in watts of the lights / 12V.

    Over design it a bit and I bet the total cost will be more like ~$10.

    This may be helpful:

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