Yesterday I was searching E-Bay and ran across this company from W.V. that does starters and such. The reason that I am mentioning this company is because they are terrific to deal with. You see, I backordered a starter solenoid for my Cub Cadet 7275 back in July of last year. That's correct, July of last year. I have called NAPA a few times since to see if my solenoid had arrived. (NAPA does show this item as a stock item). All I get is that it is on backorder and they have no clue as to when it will come in. Anyway, I saw this auction on Ebay for a Cub Cadet starter. I emailed the guy to see if he had a solenoid for mine. A gentleman by the name of Jay replied shortly after with a note inquiering about the tractor. I replied and gave him my starter number . He again replied very quickly with an 800 number, the solenoid part number and a price with shipping. Now here's the kicker. NAPA $75.00 + tax 9 months and still no part. This company $39.39 and $7.00 shipping. Mind you, this was yesterday. Today DHL arrives early this morning with my new solenoid. Now that is what I call service with a big smile. My tractor is fixed now finally and no more clicking the key to get the starter to work. I'm as happy as a pig in sh-t. By the way. The company's name is
Electric Motor Service
Rt 10 Box 511
Stollings, W.V. 25646
I have to give Jay and his company a big hat's off today. This place has done for me what the big NAPA couldn't do in 9 months. To think that I also saved $32.61.