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    Default FEL bushing removal help?

    I am having a lot of trouble getting the bushings out of my front end loader on my backhoe. It is a Massey Ferguson industrial model 34. I tried a slide hammer and a 3 jaw bearing puller... broke them both. I also used a hack saw to cut it into 3 pieces and tried to chisle them out but it won't budge. The bearing is 1 3/8" by about 2" long. I'm kinda hesitant to apply a torch... Anyone have a solution?

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    Default Re: FEL bushing removal help?

    Maybe try heating the area that contains the bushing??


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    Default Re: FEL bushing removal help?

    I have seen welded up bushings in JD industrial backhoes. The weld is ground away and a new bush welded back in when needed.
    Are you sure it is a removable bushing? Maybe you need a bigger hammer.

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