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    Default 78" snowblower modification?

    I have had my Lucknow 78" rear mount blower for a few years now and the clearance between the fan and the circular housing in which it rotates has grown somewhat do to a lot of use and the abrasion of dirt and gravel that gets injested by the auger and fan during normal operation.

    I wanted to pick everyone's brain out there as to whether I can dismount the fan this spring and affix rubber ends to each blade (made from 1/4" thick belting) to reduce the clearance and improve the efficiency of the blower. I am wondering whether the rubber ends would have any longevity, opinions needed.

    In lieu of that, I could weld extensions on each blade to take up the clearance and then balance the fan assembly. I use this blower quite a bit in the winter to clear the road from the farm to the main road. I thought the rubber would be an easier replacement when the time came again. After all, when you buy a blower it should last a lifetime.

    It (the blower) would really make my 5030 work. My new M9 just loafs along.

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    Default Re: 78" snowblower modification?

    I believe that belting should work fine and as you mentioned, it would be easy and inexpensive to replace. UMHW strips in about 1/4" thick might be something else to consider.

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    Default Re: 78" snowblower modification?

    Haven't seen it done,
    but what about a polyethelyne liner in the
    fan housing?
    replaceable, and would reduce any drag, and
    might improve the flow of the snow thru it..


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    Default Re: 78" snowblower modification?

    I think the belting strips should work fine but strips of UHMW PE would have less drag and may be a better choice. I think I'd give that a try first.

    Good Luck,

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