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    Default Re: More power?

    </font><font color="blue" class="small">( I usually run out of power before traction. )</font>

    I have the same machine and same experience, but more from the standpoint of getting the power to the wheels. I started a lengthy thread on the whole thing quite a while ago. I wish there was a way to make the hydro more like a gear tranny where it would either spin the wheels or stall the engine in low range, then at least you would know all the power was being used. Mine just stops under good traction conditions with little drop in the rpms. Its still a lot of force pushing a load, but there should be more.

    Happy New Year!


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    Default Re: More power?

    When you say 1100' is that at the hot side of the turbo or the cold side. You need a pyrometer with the probe on the hot side between the exhaust port and the turbo housing. 1100' continuous even on the hot side will do nasty things to your piston crowns even if they aren't cooled on the underside by oil jets which I suspect they aren't. Your small turbo will spool up extremely fast. It was probably designed for a gas engine, most probably a 4 cylinder auto engine.

    I have a feeling that your little 13 horse Yanmar isn't going to last very long. I think we went through this discussion some time ago, but, the engine isn't enternally strong enough to withstand a supercharger of any sort. At the very least you need to machine a spacer plate to lower the static compression ratio or it will self-destruct as soon as you put a load on the engine.

    If you want more power, get a bigger tractor. Don't try to whip it out of your little Yanmar, she won't last any time at all.

    The old saying goes "There is no substitute for displacement"

    I have an ominous feeling that you are going to wind up with a 55 gallon drum of scrap engine parts. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: More power?

    </font><font color="blue" class="small">( I was just wondering. It seems that I always try to find ways to make something just a little better.

    I usually run out of power before traction. I noticed that under loads, I don't get much black smoke as I would have thought. My old kubota which was 7hp less than this NH would blow the black smoke and it seems as though it had much more power than this NH does. )</font>

    It would seem that the hydro has a pressure relief valve of some sort and not allowing the use of full engine potental.

    The Kubota and NH obviously has designed their hydros a little different and since you have owned both you now have a pretty good idea on which one puts more power to the ground or has the ability to use all the engine torque/hp.

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    Default Re: More power?

    Some old Yanmars used different engines in the same chassis. The higher HP one was not an upgrade, it was a different model number when the rest of the tractor was the still the same.

    Nine years ago, a Bobcat 553 had 19.5 HP, now it's 25 HP. That is a big change for the same size of equipment.

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    Default Re: More power?

    I found this thread looking for info on adding a turbo to my yanmar 3TNV82A powered John Deere 3005 when the warrenty runs out.

    I have added a turbo to my ol mud truck with no ill effects. If boost and EGT are kept within reason and you don't try to treat a tractor designed for 27 hp (as in my case) like it has double that you should be ok.

    And I'm just one of thoes guys who can leave things alone... I added chips, air filters, and straight piped my trucks too... was worth it.

    My intrest in adding a turbo is to gain just a tad more torq when brush hogging. 5' B/H in thick grass bogs down at times.
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