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    Default Re: What broke on your tractor that ain't getting fixed?

    Quote Originally Posted by wushaw
    You can always build up some brackets and put an old style AC delco alternator on it for a whole lot less than has been done on many old tractors.
    I may look into this. Actually I think I still have a few Bosch 33a alternators I took off of some the old diesels I worked on. Many going to the oil fields couldn't have any electrical.

    But I just got in to work and looked up the alternator on the web at 2 different sites. My $200 was way low. My OEM P/n that listed for $262. has been updated with number.. 16427-64012, This part is only $525.00!!!! OK so maybe it's just the regulator?? That part is $198.00!!!

    May your alternator charge long and prosper.

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    Default Re: What broke on your tractor that ain't getting fixed?

    ive got a FEL cylinder rod that needs to be rechromed or replaced due to pitting... works fine for now...

    the stearing wheel tilts but doesnt stay locked at that location..... figure it was something i could "look into" this winter durring slower use periods...

    found a second nail in my front tire and put a plug in it this weekend because i got tired of having to fill it up every weekend (but it went that way for at least a month before now).....
    Steve - TC33D 4x4 FEL, dual rear remotes with toys

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    Default Re: What broke on your tractor that ain't getting fixed?

    The power steering didn't work when I bought the Ford and I attempted to fix it twice. My uncle came down in April and we looked at it again but decided that the cylinder was not repairable (he's an ex-Ford tractor mechanic). Therefore, I removed the pump and had to leave the cylinder since it is integral to the steering. I've only thought about the power steering a couple of times when in a tight spot but differential braking helps a lot. Plus with the BH 305 the front is light and better that P/S.
    I don't have a loader and don't have any plans at this time to get one but I can see the the P/S would have to work if I did.
    The pump made it hard to add oil and so why carry it around, might even use it to power a press.
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    Default Re: What broke on your tractor that ain't getting fixed?

    The famous BX air filter bracket. Attempted to fix it twice, last time just tied it on with a big string. Works good. I may fix it right someday ... maybe in 35 1/2 years

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    Default Re: What broke on your tractor that ain't getting fixed?

    Quote Originally Posted by RobJ
    Maybe a question for the older tractor owners of cheap people like me. This weekend I noticed my alternator on my 99 L2500 wasn't putting out. I checked a few things and all looked ok. Amp meter I put in last year sitting on 0, tester confirmed. I might take it off for a closer look but at over $200 I'll leave it for now(maybe forever). Tractor just gets runon the weekends and I can charge overnight. Worse case is I can get a trickle charger for $25 or so. I also don't run it at night.

    My previous non fix was the old turf tire (front) that had about 15 plugs in it. It'd go flat over 2 weeks but hold air for the weekend. good enoug for me..
    For the 25$ and hassle of trickle charging all the time.. you can get a delco 10/12-SI alternator, checked out, from a junkyard, and slap it on.

    It may take a little creativeness and bracketry.. but should work.

    Get a 3 wire unit if available.. 1 wire units work.. but have their own issues.. etc.

    Lesse broke and not on the list to fix... Hmm.. Well... on my 2002 NH 7610s the aluminum canopy has a few bends from tree limb impacts... no burning desire to fix em. Left fender is a bit crumpled.. for same tree limb experiences.. no burning desire to fix that either. ( my wife rags me about that... she says my 1975 ford 5000 is pristine.. yet I won't take the time to fix my 'new' tractor... i told her that when the 7610s was 31ys old.. I'd fix the fender...)


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    Default Re: What broke on your tractor that ain't getting fixed?

    This is something that had to be fixed

    A friend just broke the tie rod on his tractor. He had a full bucket load going through the woods, went through a wet spot, wheels sunk in a bit and a stump caught the center of the rod and bent it U shaped, then kept going till it snapped in half. Needless to say it had to be fixed. Couldn't drive it with one wheel pointing left and the other right. He popped the tie rod ends out and brought the whole thing to me. Fortunately he has the same tractor as me so proper length measurements were nearby. I cut off his rods two threaded ends and welded in a new center section of 1/2" schedule 80 pipe for him. Just finished it up. I would have taken pics but he was in a hurry to get it fixed so he could get it back on before dark. He's not done working his wood lot yet so I'm sure he'll bend it again and I'll try to snap some pics then.

    Forgot to mention his tractor is only two weeks old and I've already been to his place twice to pull him out of the mud up to the axles.

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    Default Re: What broke on your tractor that ain't getting fixed?

    I was getting stuck every time I went out back on my tractor till I changed from turfs to ags. I got stuck last night for the first time since the tire change. Still wasn't any fun to drag chains, and a 6 ton com a long out to the woods to get it out. I really ought to look into building a winch for it.

    As the proud owner of an 18 year old tractor, bought used, there is no way I am going to spend the money fixing the things that the last owner ignored. I will probably get the rest of the lights working, but the rest of the stuff will probably stay broken, unless I find a working unit at a tractor salvage yard.
    If I wanted to spend 15 grand on a tractor that everything worked on, I would have bought one and saved the trouble of having to look for parts...
    My 3500 dollar tractor does what I need it to do, and unless I do something major, should hold it's value for the forseeable future.
    David from jax

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    Default Re: What broke on your tractor that ain't getting fixed?

    Quote Originally Posted by randy41
    the lights dont work on mine. the brakes are marginal. the draft control is history. but none of these things keeps me from doing what i always did even when they were all working.
    We need brakes on tractors ?
    Wow learn something every day

    Actually mine has been down for a while, kept having wiring problems, so I stripped all the old witing off and am rewiring it, New internal regulator alternator, additional wiring for a winch hookup, etc.
    well if I ever get time to get back on it anyway.

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    Default Re: What broke on your tractor that ain't getting fixed?

    I had an old TO-20 with;

    Break peddles that did not return, bend over to pull up!
    Clutch that did not return, bend over to pull up
    No lights
    Slow 3PH raising
    Rad. leaks so bad, good for two hrs max with fill up
    Gen/alt did not charge bat
    oil guage-> dead
    no ignition switch, aligator clip jumper
    Steering wheel rotting so bad your hands would be black for days w/out gloves
    more rust than paint
    exhaust pipe gone 20" from broken manafold
    leaking gas tank, (put in what you think you will
    One tire needed filling every time

    Started nearly every time I needed her! This was the condition a good friend left her in my care when he moved 1000 mi South. He didn't give it to me but...he wasn't coming back for her!?

    I bought a new KAMA 454 and started feeling sorry for the old girl sitting out under 6" of snow. Eventully I fixed all the above items and a nice paint job. Hauled it down South one day after X-mas, should I remind you 1000 mi!!
    He came home from work and wondered who part their sweet tractor in his yard.

    Still looks nice but, he has to jump it to get it started, bit low on oil, .........

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    Default Re: What broke on your tractor that ain't getting fixed?

    Concerning having a nice shiny tractor. Thieves love'em. My old "M" Farmall looks like junk, and I don't think I have to worry about anyone stealing it due to that fact. I agree that equipment should be maintained, but some can get carried away. Do you spend as much time taking care of your health/looks as your wife? Probably not. But you can probably still function, right. I think a lot of it is where do you want to spend your time, cleaning or tractoring.

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