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    Default Screetch on front end loader

    I have a Cub Cadet 7305 compact tractor. When lifting my 3 point hitch, I get a loud screwatching sound - as if I have reached to top of the lift arm. This is a normal sound when you move the to the top of the range of the 43 point lift....but I get it immediately when trying to lift the three point hitch. I have checked my fluid, which has been changed in the past 6 months. It is full. Not too full.

    The weird thing is that I think the sound is comping from the joystick to my front end loader. I realize this is all tied-in to my hydraulics, but I don't have a clue what the problem could be.

    Anyone have ideas? So I don't get ripped-off at the delaer/repair shop? I am no mechanic, so if the fix is anything comlicated - I have to take it in.

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    Default Re: Screetch on front end loader

    The screech is most likely your hydraulic system's pressure relief valve operating. The reason the sound is coming from the front is because that's where the relief valve is located, probably even in the loader valve block.

    I assume the loader is still working correctly or you would've said so. If that's the case, it sounds like there's something wrong with your three point hitch hydraulics. I assume you're trying to raise it with no weight on it, right? If so, and the hitch is in the lowered position, and it screeches immediately when you try to raise it, I'd check to be sure something isn't jammed on the outside - if so, it should be obvious. If not, and all of my other assumptions above are correct, I suspect you have something fairly serious wrong with the internals of the three point hitch. All this is from a general theory position only - I don't know anything specifically about the Cub Cadet machines. I hope it's something simple and cheap!

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    Default Re: Screetch on front end loader

    On my Cub 7260, there is a round knob just in back of your right foot that controls the speed of the 3 point hitch, that is the speed at which the hydraulics will move it. Is it possible that someone has given that knob a twist and has nearly shut it off? If your tractor is the same as mine, I'd take a look it and make sure that knob is all the way open, and then try to see if it changes the sound of your hydraulics. It's worth a try... I'd try it on mine, but it's only 10 degrees outside and I have no other reason to start the tractor right now.


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    Default Re: Screetch on front end loader

    I have a post under general repair that outlines a similar problem I'm having with a CC
    7275 that I just bought. I get a loud screech from the joystick area when I raise the
    MMM deck, and then the deck gradually drops back down. I would be curious to know if
    you fixed your problem and what exactly was the fix? I will give you more details on
    mine when I get to working on it--should be Monday.

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